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Sea Animals

97% of the earth surface is covered by ocean. Life on the earth started from the salty seas and it still continues to be the home for many species. The earth has five oceans and all of them are connected together. There are also smaller branches of the oceans called as the sea animals. The seas in the world are partly enclosed by land. South China Sea, Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are the largest seas in the world.

Animals that live in the marine eco system or in the oceans are the Sea Animals. In the marine biology there are millions of species of sea animals. Marine life is the largest resource in the world that offers research, recreation, and also tourism. Sea animals along with other organisms like algae, corals, etc helps in the production of oxygen and also regulates the climate of the earth. This is the main reason why the marine ecosystem is considered to be much protected and very delicate.

All the animals that live in the sea are said to be saltwater habitat. There are lots of interesting creatures that live under the sea. They can be classified into the following.



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