The fantastic world of animals


The fantastic world of animals

This site becomes a must for those who are interested in wildlife. Each page in the animal's worlds is specially designed to help you to find more information easily and quickly about the exciting creatures. The scientific classification, basic physical character, ecological value, and fun facts are covered for all the species.

The beauty, courage, and tenderness of animals teach us something new in our day to day life. Ecologists learn about the human being in the fragile web of life by studying the animals that share our world. By studying the animal habitat, anatomy and relatives psychologists and anthropologists learn about human development.

Animals worlds provide you with adventure camps, career resources, photo galleries, articles, etc., to know more about wildlife. Animal's description, their regions, and endangered species of the world can also be seen. The video gallery helps you to explore the world of animals in a more fun and educational way. The latest zoological development can be viewed in regular updates. A variety of books, videos, posters, and other educational materials suggested by the experts are given for the educational store.

Animals worlds act as an information bank that can be used by students and teachers to learn about animals and their habitat in the world. Search the site to find in-depth information for the mass number of animals presents all over the world. Animal's worlds are continually intensifying, featuring new animal species from the world regularly.


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Animals are multicellular organisms that belong to the class Animalia. Animals have a fixed body plan as they develop and later in their life they might undergo the process called as Metamorphosis. Animals in the world are motile, meaning they are capable of independent locomotion. The fossil records show that the animals are found on the earth over 542 million years ago.
Mostly all the animals have different stages in their life cycle...



The amphibians belong to the class amphibian. Ectothermoc or cold blooded animals like frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and caecilians metamorphose from a juvenile, water breathing form to an adult, air breathing form. Amphibians are four limbed animals. As by their ancestors "the fish" the amphibians lay eggs in the water. Amphibians are similar to the reptiles. The ecological indicators (amphibian) around the globe have met a...



Birds the beautiful creatures that can be seen all around the globe. They can be seen in our houses and gardens nesting and feeding theri young ones. They are very interesting to see and a lovable ones. It is so interesting to watch and observe the birds and to note their varying characteristics...



Fishes are oldest aquatic vertebrates found all over the globe. Nearly 500 million years ago the first fish appeared on the earth. Today fishes make up the largest group of vertebrates with 24,000 species. Fishes have their habitats in lakes, streams, oceans, and estuaries. In 1991 it was estimated that 2546 species..



Animals that have scales and the ability to creep are called Reptiles. Since the animals have the ability to creep they got the name Reptiles (meaning to creep). Reptiles are cold blooded animals that live on the world since the Dinosaurs period. The Dinosaurs is the biggest and the extinct species...


mammal kangaroo in animals worlds

Mammals are endothermic and are warm blooded animals. Of all the class in the animal world the mammals are considered to be the most advanced and popular class. They are the oldest animals in the world that live from the world of dinosaurs. Mammals belong to the class mammalia and are the only class that has hair and feed their young ones with the milk produced by the mammary glands...

Recent Discoveries

Wood eating catfish

Here in this site we maintain a record of the latest discoveries of the animal species with a neat description and a detailed picture of the species. The newly discovered animals are added to our site as and then they are uncovered to the outside world

In short: A new species of lizard has been discovered in the tropical evergreen forest in central highlands province of kon tum. This lizard species was discovered on 30th Mar 2010...

Watch Interesting Videos

Watch Interesting Animals Videos

Hey there! Come let’s enjoy watching the most amazing, extraordinary and rare videos of the animals world... Watch more

The Lion which has the pride saying "The King Forest". In Lions there is a special species called White Lions. The White Lions are more graceful, beautiful, etc., .....

Watch Interesting Birds Videos

Hey there! Come let's enjoy watching the most amazing, extraordinary and rare videos of birds.... Watch more

The world's smallest bird is the Bee Humming bird. These birds are found in the regions of Cuba and Isla de Juventud. These birds are very mobile and fervent...

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