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Psychedelic Frog-Fish Species

Histiophryne Psychedelic is a new frog-fish species identified recently in shallow waters of Indonesia. This species has blue eyes,beige and peach stripes around its body. The main difference between other frog-fishes and Psychedelic is how it moves.

“Each time the fish strike the seabed, for instance, they push off with their fins and expel water from tiny gill openings to jet themselves forward, the magazine reported. The fish’s off-centered tail, combined with its manner of movement cause them to bounce around in a bizarre, chaotic manner,” -National Geographic wrote.

Frog-fishes are carnivores, they themselves can change its color over the weeks. The way its takes its pray is also very interesting. Its mouth cavity can expand up to 12 times of its original size and it can intake 25 percent longer pray. There are about 50 species in frog-fishes. It has a fleshy antenna in their heads.

Psychedelic frog-fishes have leg like fins on both sides along with several traits. Psychedelic’s gelatinous body is covered with thick folds of skin which guard it from sharp-edged corals.

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