Psychedelic Frog-Fish Species

Hi tiophryne P ychedelic i a new frog-fi h pecie identified recently in hallow water of Indone ia Thi pecie ha blue eye ,beige and peach tripe around it body The main difference between other frog-fi he and P ychedelic i how it move “Each time the fi h trike the eabed, for in tance, they pu h off with their fin and... more

Octopus – A Vibrant Species

Octopu , a mo t intelligent invertebrate (without bone ) i al o called cephalpod Octopu ha a pair of eye , three heart located in head, four pair of arm and are bilaterally ymmetric with no internal or external keleton The ucation cup located beneath the leg help to ta te and move acro rock The octopu ha their living in... more

Dik Dik :

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Vertebrata Cla : Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Bovidae Genu : Madoqua Body Length: 55-77 cm Shoulder Height: 35-45 cm Tail Length: 4-6 cm Weight: 27-65 kg Dik dik are predominantly active in the morning and late afternoon They are to be found elu ive creature , expen e much of their period... more

Rainbow Parrot Fish

Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataCla : ActinopterygiiOrder: Perciforme Family: ScaridaeGenu : Scaru Specie : S guacamaiaSize and Length: up to 120 cm Weight: 20 kg The rainbow fi h i the bigge t herbivorou fi h in the Atlantic, with male developing to length of 12 meter A the term propo e , they are attractively coloured fi h... more

Stone Fish:

The Stone Fi h i a mottled brown-greeni h in colour with many poi onou pine along it back The tonefi h live fir t and primary above the tropic of Capricorn The reef tonefi h i the mo t common pecie of the tonefi h' family, and i known to be found in the uperficial tropical marine water of the Pacific and Indian ocean It... more

Mollusk – Shellfish

A mollu k i an extra name for a hellfi h Mollu k are animal belong to the phylum There are approximately 93,000 known extant type , making it the major marine phylum with concerning 23% of all name oceanic organi m Repre entative of the phylum live in an enormou variety of habitat together with marine, fre hwater, and terre trial... more

Ocean life

The ocean life contain 99 percent of the living pace on the planet The life in ocean i cla ified into three type The fir t type i plankton Plankton Creature drift, rely and float to move from one area to other and they are either micro copic or zooplankton The Nekton i the econd type animal that can able to wim without help of... more

Mercury in Fish

No fi h can run away from mercury pollution That i the make note from a federal tudy of mercury that hardened fi h from virtually 300 tream tran ver ely the countryThe toxic e ence wa found in each fi h ample, a re ult that under core how common mercury effluence ha happen to However, at the identical time a all fi h had trace... more

Coconut crab

The large t earthly arthropod in the world i coconut crab They are well known for their trong pincer which are able an adequate amount of to break down a coconut The e crab are relate a robber crab for the rea on that of rumor going in the region of that they teal glittery item uch a ilverware and pot from hou e and other... more