Amphibians Life:

Amphibian are one of the type of chordate and the word amphibian mean both ide of life Thi i becau e the amphibian begin it life in the water (breathing with gill ) and then fini he it mainly on land (breathing with lung ) Amphibian are cold-blooded vertebrate that expend part of their life on dry land and part in fre h... more


The Indri al o called the Babakoto and it i one of the large t living wage lemur It i a diurnal tree-dweller a ociated to the ifaka and, like all lemuroid , it i national to Madaga carThe order of Indri i PRIMATES and it belong to INDRIDAE family Have you ever een an Indri Probably not at lea t you be uppo ed to have in... more

First Gene-encoded Amphibian Toxin Isolated

The fir t protein ba ed toxin in an amphibian kin ha found by China, a 60 amino acid neurotoxin bring into being in the kin of a Chine e tree frog The re ult may help get rid of more light into both the progre of amphibian and the growth of poi on While gene-encoded protein toxin have well known in many vertebrate animal ,... more