Pet Lizards

All type of lizard are member of the Squamata order of reptile , which al o include nake But few other retile group have a much genu multiplicity a the lizard do No urpri e that lizard have bring into being their way into the pet indu try a well Many different type of lizard are et a ide a pet the e day , but... more

Extinct Animals

1 Tyranno auru Rex (extinct 65 million year ago) One of the large t animal among carnivore i Tyranno auru It can grown up to the height of 433 feet long and 166 feet tall Daily it can intake up to 7 ton of food It i the bipedal carnivore with a long kull and the heavy tail The fo il of thi pecie i highly een in North... more

Fascinating Events

1 Curled Snake in wa hing machine A women got cared after finding a five feet nake curled up in the wa hing machine while unloading her laundry Wendy Foley of age 51 found the corn nake crawled into her clothe when the door wa opened She added ,"I opened the gla door at the front and I aw omething I took it to be part of a... more

Psychedelic Frog-Fish Species

Hi tiophryne P ychedelic i a new frog-fi h pecie identified recently in hallow water of Indone ia Thi pecie ha blue eye ,beige and peach tripe around it body The main difference between other frog-fi he and P ychedelic i how it move “Each time the fi h trike the eabed, for in tance, they pu h off with their fin and... more

Hairy-Nosed Otter

The hairy-no ed otter i the world' endangered otter pecie Now it i expected to een in Deramakot Fore t Re erve, which i located in the Malay ian tate of Sabah After hundred year it found in Deramakot Otter are partially-aquatic mammal Otter i of the family Mu telidae, like Wea el , Polecat and Badger There are 12 pecie... more

world’s biggest rat – scientist discovered

Archaeologi t have expo ed that ruin what they tru t of the world' large t rat that da hed on the Earth nearly 2,000 year ago The keletal leftover of the huge rat that i held to have an a e ed body weight of about 6kg remained originate throughout cavity dig in Ea t Timor The digging accepted out by a team from CISCO... more

Dead animals left at 2 clinics

Over the la t three week , package containing dead animal have been left at two clinic on the North Side that perform abortion , according to police At about 8:15 am today, a package containing a dead po um wa found at a Planned Parenthood clinic at 1200 N LaSalle St in the Old Town neighborhood, police aid A me age crawled on... more

Octopus – A Vibrant Species

Octopu , a mo t intelligent invertebrate (without bone ) i al o called cephalpod Octopu ha a pair of eye , three heart located in head, four pair of arm and are bilaterally ymmetric with no internal or external keleton The ucation cup located beneath the leg help to ta te and move acro rock The octopu ha their living in... more