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Octopus – A Vibrant Species

Octopus, a most intelligent invertebrates (without bones) is also called cephalpod. Octopus has a pair of eyes, three hearts located in head, four pair of arms and are bilaterally symmetric with no internal or external skeleton. The sucation cups located beneath the legs helps to taste and move across rocks.

The octopus has their living in diverse regions of ocean specially in coral reefs.They can protect themselves from predators like whales, moray eels, birds, humans, and barracudas by color change, quick flee and by expel ink.

While swimming the octopus trails behind its eight arms. All octopus are poisonous.Among those the small blue-ringed octopuses are very dangerous to human.

Octopus has very short life span. Some species can live only for six months and some other species like giant octopus can live up to five years.

The main cause of their death is reproduction. After few months of mating the male octopus die, female octopus die after short time to egg hatch. The octopus cannot eat until the egg gets hatched. It may take around a month to hatch egg.

The octopus can pass through a small hole even with size of 10-cent coin.The octopus can spray black ink in order to escape from predators.That ink the same smell as that of octopus, which will confuse the predator to attack the ink. Mean while octopus can change its color to white and escape.

The octopus have their food as clams, lobster and many other sea foods.It can fit even into a small hole there by it can protect itself.

Life Cycle of octopus

1. The young octopus hatches from an egg.

2. Once grow into an adult one.

3. The octopus mates at the age of 1 or 2.

4. The female octopus hatch the eggs.

5. The octopus guards the eggs until it hatched.

6.After this period the female octopus dead.

7. The first step starts again as a cycle.

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