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Recent discovery

If you have ever tried to keep track of the latest discoveries of animal species if not here we are to help you to see the list of the recent animal species discoveries.

The discovery of an animal species begins with a careful observation of external aspects of the species and the investigating its functions and interrelationship with other living organisms.

Color changing frog in Papua New Guinea

Updated on : 29th Jan 2010 10:35 a.m IST.

A new species of frog that undergoes a significant alteration as it grows was uncovered by the scientist on January 29, 2010.

The new frog was spotted in south eastern Papua New Guinea region. The shiny black young frog with the yellow spots spectacularly changes its color into peach color with bright blue eyes when it reaches its adult hood.

The scientist says that it is a mystery about the adult frog loses its color. The new species was discovered by the scientist from Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii in US.

The new species was named Oreophryne Ezra. The scientist came across this different species on an expedition to the Sudest Island, Louisiade Archipelago which is located off the south eastern tip of New Guinea to discover the species in these regions.

"It's always exciting to discover a species you know to be new. However, the obviously unusual biology of this frog made its discovery especially exciting," says Dr Fred Kraus who along with Dr Allen Allison undertook the study.

Dr. Kraus says that the remarkable thing about this frog is that the change in its color and its pattern as it matures from the froglet stage into an adult.

Large Carpet sea squirt found

Updated on : 23rd Jan 2010 10:35 a.m IST.

Large carpet sea squirt has been found in the regions of Firth of Clyde in Scotland on 23rd January 2010.

Sea squirts are a small colony of invasive creatures and this is the first time that this spongy species has been found in Scotland.

The newly discovered sea squirt reproduces quickly giving a panic to the scientist that this may affect the other marine life.

The newly uncovered sea squirt is characteristic by mustard, pale orangey-yellow color and appears as pale flat patches.

The sea squirts are seemed to extend by attaching themselves to the hulls of the boat hence the boat owners are advised to keep their hulls clean.

This large sea squirt was discovered by the Scottish scientist Chris Beveridge from the Scottish Association for Marine Science during a routine survey.

New species of spider discovered

Updated on : 6th Jan 2010 09:05 a.m IST.

A brand new species of spider was discovered in the region of Arva in Israel. The new species was discovered on January 16, 2010. Scientist from the university of Haifa-Oranim found the new spider in the sand dunes.

The spider was named Cerbalus aravensis. The spider is said to be the biggest one in the Middle East. The leg of this spider is about 14 cm. And the spider is said to be nocturnal in nature.

Unbelievable new species revealed in Ecuador

Updated on : 15 Jan 2010 4:15 p.m IST.

Enormous new species has been discovered in Ecuador. The discoveries were revealed to the outside world on 15th January 2010.

The new species were found in the Cerro Pata de Pajaro Mountains in Ecuador which is few minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

A new species of gecko which is so small at its full grown size. The small gecko can rest comfortably on the eraser of a pencil.

A translucent skin frog called as the glass frog was discovered. The scientific name of the glass frog is Hynlinobatrachium pellucidum. The internal organs of the frog are easily seen through its skin.

Another interesting discovery is the salamander which looks like an E.T. This particular salamander species does not use its lungs for breathing instead it uses its skin to absorb the oxygen.

At the same time a new species of snake was found 900km away in the panama. And Iguanas a new species was also discovered.

New lizard species

Updated on : 15 Jan 2010 12:30 p.m IST.

The Director of the Nui Chua National Park announced the discovery of new lizard species on 15th January 2010. The species was given the name Cyrtodactylus caovansungi and was discovered by the specialists from the Ho Chi Minh City Tropical Biology Institute.

The lizard is found to be living at a height of about 400m and is the smallest lizard species discovered so far. The lizard is about 3.86cm long. It is found to be orange in color.

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